Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Holy Communion

I'm a couple months late on this post, but better late than never!

After jumping through hoops because of new guidelines in our diocese requiring children to have two years of parish sponsored religious education in order to make their First Communion, I finally found a priest (outside of our diocese) who was able to give A7 his First Communion at the extraordinary form of the Mass. A7 was so excited! My one regret from that day was that I didn't get a picture of A7 actually receiving his First Communion. In fact, I didn't even get one of him with the priest or in the church :( Everything went by so fast, there wasn't really time for pictures. Before mass the Father interviewed A7 to make sure he was well prepared. God must have given him extra graces that day, because I am still surprised he was able to answer most of the questions Father asked him. Father told us to sit in the front row during mass, which was nerve racking because our family probably had the noisiest kids in the church, right in the front row for everyone to see. Also, we don't attend Latin Mass as often as we should and this parish didn't have the helpful red booklets to know when to sit and stand like they have at our local Latin Mass parish. Once again, through the grace of God, we thought it would be a good idea to attend Latin Mass for several Sundays before A7's First Communion. That gave us just enough knowledge of the extraordinary form to make it through A7's First Communion Mass without looking foolish. Of course A7 was so nervous after the interview with Father that he didn't make a peep the entire mass. We had a lot of family waiting outside, and after mass A7 and I had to meet with the priest so he could get all of A7's information to make sure it got sent to the parish where he was baptized. After the baby is born we'll try to take a trip back to that parish and take a few pictures, just so I can remember what the church looked like for A7's special day.

Although I didn't get pictures at the church, I made up for it by taking WAY too many of the cake. It was an interesting experience making the cake. I don't know why I got the idea into my head that A7 needed a special homemade cake for this occasion. K advised me to just buy something from the bakery. Sometimes he knows me better than I know myself and usually gives me pretty good advice. Maybe I should learn to listen to him...

I scoured quite a few blogs looking for cake ideas, and ended up combining ideas from several different blogs. I got the most inspiration from this blog. J12 made marshmallow fondant for the cake, which is what the grapes and bread are made of. K and I went grocery shopping and left B4 and J12 in the kitchen while we were gone. The recipe makes it sound. so. easy. Judging from the look of the kitchen and J12's hands when we got home, I would actually say that making it is a messy, sticky process. Eventually the fondant got to the right consistency, and after that it was really fun to work with. But it took a LOT of kneading to get it that way. And if we didn't have enough Crisco on our hands while we were kneading the gooey mess, it was a completely lost cause. But it was fun. And memorable.

Here's a picture of the cake in different lighting, just to show that the end result wasn't greasy and shiny looking.

The candy melt was ordered off Amazon. I saw it here and it looked easy, so I decided to give it a try. It WAS easy! Next time, forget the cake, I'm just making candies for everyone. Solid colors of course, to keep things simple since I'm quite challenged in the kitchen.

The boys also made cookies. I got the cookie idea here, just because it also looked easy. It was easy, and A7 enjoyed decorating them.

After the cake was made, K and I thought it needed to say something. I was tempted to just leave it as it was so I wouldn't mess it up, but that just wouldn't be as special. So with a nervous, shaky hand I wrote, hoping I wouldn't ruin the entire cake. I guess it turned out okay. I just used store bought icing, added a few drops of blue food coloring, and put it in a ziplock bag and cut a small hole.

I used the leftover icing to decorate the waffles in the morning (Yes, another idea from a blog-Sorry, I'm not very creative and can't come up with anything on my own, but my kids still think it's fun, and that's what matters!) We also had cranberry-orange juice (Now that IS my own idea. Ever tried it? It's yummy! It's the only kind of juice I'll drink.)

After A7's First Communion Mass, my mother-in-law was kind enough to open up her home for a small reception. I emailed her this punch recipe, leaving out the almond extract since B4 is allergic. We also halved the recipe. It makes a lot!

It was a great day! We are all so thankful that A7 is able to start receiving Holy Communion!


  1. Your cake turned out beautifully! Congratulations to your son on his First Holy Communion! God bless you and your family!

  2. Wow! That cake turned out neat, he did a great job with that fondant! The punch made me laugh. We made that last year for Easter. It makes so much that I made half a batch and divided the rest into two bags in the freezer. We used one for Mary's baptism. The last bag will finally be used for jack's first communion next month.