Friday, April 6, 2012

Camping on the Property

Tonight we took the kids camping on our land. I was quite overwhelmed at first, although I always get overwhelmed every time I go out there. I think B4 does too. First we went down to the spring and picked up rocks to make a fire pit and K found a scorpion (yes, a SCORPION!) on one of the rocks.

Ugh! I got the goosebumps about 5 times after that and even now, in the comfort of my city apartment, I still get the shivers just thinking about it. It wasn't big and it looked like it was dead so I had K poke it with a stick to see what it would do. Of course, it came to life and scurried away-suprisingly fast too. I've never seen a scorpion in real life before. If I'm lucky I'll never see another one. Anyway, after getting 4 buckets of rocks we drove back up to our campsite. Well, me and the two little ones drove. And then we just sat in the van. I asked B4 if she wanted to get out of the van and she said she was just fine where she was. That's how I felt too. I didn't want to get out of my vehicle and go tromping through the bugs and manure. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a city girl? I think my daughter is too. Maybe one or two of my boys as well. Anyway, I let G1 out of the van so he could help A6 gather sticks. He didn't like walking through the grass. I can't say I blame him. Too many unknowns lurking in that grass. Anyway, he slowly wandered over to his big brother and then fell down. Luckily not on a fresh pile of manure, but regardless, he sat in the grass completely frozen. He sat and screamed until I walked over to him to get him back on his feet. Did I mention he's a city boy too? Hopefully he'll grow out of it though. After all, he's not even two years old and to give him a little credit, some of that grass is almost as tall as he is.

After K and the boys gathered the sticks and rocks, they built a fire pit and J12 chopped the wood.

I think he enjoyed himself. After that he said he wants to buy an axe of his own. While J12 was chopping, A6 was helping K set up the tent.

Then they started a fire and it was finally time to eat.

Since today is Good Friday K had to abstain from meat. He was the only one who couldn't eat the yummy, nitrate free, organic hot dogs. He sacrificed and ate soy dogs. Yuck! I told him soy is not good to eat, but he didn't care. After that we roasted marshmallows and then I went home with the two little ones. G1 was more than ready for bed after all that.
For some reason the cows were really curious about what we were doing. When we first got there, they left us alone, but as soon as we started the fire they all came over and were just hovering around the tent. They were sniffing our tent and rubbing on our cars. It was quite annoying, but I think these cows are just especially annoying cows.

When were first looked at that property, the cows chased us as we were driving around. It was hilarious but K was not amused because he seriously thought they would ram his Tahoe. I wouldn't have been surprised. Anyway, we tried chasing the cows away from our camping area a few times but they kept coming back. Finally J12 spooked them enough by running at them really fast and yelling that they all ran down the hill. I didn't see them again until I drove down to the gate. Maybe they forgot about us. I don't think cows are very smart.

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