Monday, March 19, 2012


Our property has two springs, and ideally we would pump spring water up to the house and use that water for showering and drinking (purified first in our Berkey of course!). But for now, I guess we will settle for fluoridated city water since it is the cheapest option. Actually, I don't know for sure that the city water is fluoridated but it probably is since most are. I do know that Arkansas recently passed a law saying that any drinking water municipality servicing over 5000 people was required to put fluoride in the water. I guess since this is a small town there is a possibility that they are not affected by the law. I would've asked when I had the guy from the water department on the phone, but when I found out that he is also the building inspector for the small town I decided to keep my mouth closed. I'll wait until after we have our house built before I start causing trouble.

So here's what we need to do in order to get water to the property:
Pay $1200 for a road bore
Pay $1100 for a tap
Pay another $1100 for the second tap that will service the second house (That totally stinks that we have to pay for 2 taps! Oh well, at least they said we can pay for them as we need them which is good because we don't want to spend any more money than we have to since the costs just seem to be piling up!)
Pay an unknown amount of money to get the water from the meter to the house (I sure hope they don't use copper!)

Obviously this is still cheaper than a well, and who knows what kind of water you'll get with a well. So I suppose it is a blessing that city water is at least an option.

UPDATE 5/7/12: What a blessing! The guy at the water department gave us a discount on the road bore. He said he's just happy that he has another customer. Only $600 instead of $1200. So the grand total to get city water TO the property is $1650. That included the start up fees, deposit, and everything! Of course this doesn't include digging the trench or running the pipe to the house, which will be close to $3000. But still...that's pretty good!

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