Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Christmas Happenings

We went with my mom to see the Christmas tree/gingerbread house exhibit at Philbrook museum. Not nearly as impressive as it used to be years ago, but still fun for the little ones. A5 and B2 heard that Santa was there and of course they had to see him. I'm not really big on the whole Santa thing. A5 has asked me about Santa on numerous occasions and I always tell him the truth. But yet for some reason he still insists on believing. I guess I'll let him have his fun, but if he asks me, my answer will remain the same.

This year the city built an outdoor ice skating rink in the town next to ours, so K took the boys skating a few times. A5 is getting pretty good!

They even got to take B2 out on the ice. She was too little for skates but K carried her.

One of our friends blessed us with passes to Silver Dollar City, so we got to go there again too!

This year we also started a new family tradition (although I got the idea from a friend!). We had a sleepover in the living room next to the Christmas tree. It was a little stressful when it was time for B2 to go to sleep because she had trouble without her normal bedtime routine, but definitely a tradition worth keeping. K and I fell asleep on the couch but then snuck off to bed as soon as they were all asleep. No way I was going to sleep on a cramped couch all night when I had bamboo sheets waiting for me in bed!

I had fun waking them up in the morning...

Here's B2 and A5 before church on Christmas Eve.

And all four of them...

Merry Christmas!

Civil War Reenactment

We went to see a Civil War reenactment at the Prairie Grove Battlefield on one of the windiest (and thus coldest) days of the year so far. We took A5 to a different reenactment a few years ago and it made quite the impression, so we try to go to these any time we hear about them. It was interesting to watch but we missed out on some of the action because we didn't know the good places to sit. We were also right next to the canons and it was LOUD! Maybe we'll be more prepared in two more years when they do this again!