Friday, May 7, 2010

Rangers vs. Braves

J10 recently started his baseball season. This year his team is the Rangers. Last night he hit his first legitimate home run not counting t-ball and not counting home runs that he has made as a result of poor defense by the other team. No, this time he hit the ball really hard and really far, and the other team just couldn't get to it fast enough. After J10 touched home plate he looked at K with a huge smile on his face and said, "Yes!" It was SO cute!

He also did an awesome job pitching. I was quite impressed. He does pretty good when he isn't pitching against a team with a lot of his friends on the team. Then he tries too hard and ends up getting nervous (and comical to watch in my opinion). But when he's being serious about it, he's really good. There was one play in the game where he pitched the ball and the catcher didn't catch it and had to run over to the fence to pick it up. There was a runner on third base who started running when the ball was missed. So the catcher ran to get the ball and J10 ran to home plate. The catcher threw the ball to J10 and he sort of sat on the base and blocked the plate. The umpire called the runner out and he started whining saying that J10 was in his way. K explained to me that J10 did exactly what he was supposed to do and that would have been an impressive play even for a high school player. Of course, we don't think J10 did that knowingly, but it was still pretty exciting to watch.

His team played a really good game, especially considering that they only had 8 players so they took an automatic out every time the 9th person was up to bat. They ended up losing by one point but we decided to celebrate his home run anyway by taking him to Braum's for ice cream after the game.

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