Thursday, March 11, 2010


So we usually go to Payless to buy shoes for our little ones (we think that by the time the kid's feet are as big as J10's we might as well buy good quality shoes for the same price as Payless, so that's about when we stop shopping there), but the last two times A4 has gotten lemons. The first pair was a cheap Iron Man pair. I was tempted by the $9 price tag. What can I say? I like good deals. Anyway, he had those shoes for about a month and then, "RIP!!" Somehow when he was fastening the velcro it just tore in half, perfectly clean almost like it had been cut with a pair of scissors. So we took the shoes back to Payless and the nice manager told us we could find another pair. So...yes, I found another $9 pair. K didn't like them because he said they looked like they were made the same way as the ones that had ripped. But I said no way will another pair of shoes do what the last pair did. Well, fast forward one week and, "RIP!!" The same thing happened to those shoes! So we took this pair back and this time I told K that he could pick whatever shoes he wanted for A4 to wear. So they ended up with a pair of tie shoes instead of the handy velcro I had enjoyed A4 wearing for so long. I liked his independence of being able to put his shoes on all by himself, and did not like the idea that I was now going to have to tie his shoes before going anywhere when it seems like we're always running late as it is. So I resolved that I would teach A4 to tie his shoes, and teach him quickly. But seriously, I didn't think it would be this quick. He got his new shoes on Saturday, and I showed him how to tie about 4 different times, and yesterday he actually tied one of his shoes all by himself. Then as we were getting ready to go out last night when K got home, A4 sat down, put on his shoes, and tied them both all by himself without any help from us! He even double knotted them. So of course, we were thrilled and took the kids to Braum's for ice cream to celebrate A4's new feat-no pun intended :)

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