Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gator Golf

As we were driving by Gator Golf the other day, A4 was like, "I want to go there." And I was like, "We already have!" In fact, I vividly remember going there the same day that A4 came down with Chicken Pox. Anyway, after that I came to the conclusion that we will have to start all over creating memories for each one of our children since we tend to do things way too early in their little lives. I know it is all a great benefit to them whether or not they remember it, but it would be nice for them to have at least a FEW memories of us doing fun things with them. So anyway, this past weekend it was a beautiful sunny day so we had a fun game of mini golf and then ate Chinese food. Aiden even made a hole in one! Bailey also got a hole in one on the last hole after using her umpteenth mulligan. It stinks that she didn't get it on her first try or she would have gotten a coupon for one free game of golf, to bring the incredibly cheap price of golf for our whole family down from $12 to $8. Oh well! Maybe next time.

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